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  1. Event participants

  2. Case study presentation: financial instruments supporting RD&I (MIUR/Occitanie)

  3. Questions and answers and peer to peer discussion

  4. Ms Teresa Bomba

    Ms Teresa Bomba, fi-compass expert

  5. Mr Robert Pernetta, Ms Joanne Patrick, Mr Peter Radford, Mr Kenroy Quellennec-Reid, Mr Guillaume Thomé, Mr Stéphane Andreani, Mr Alain Kauffmann

    Mr Robert Pernetta, Financial Instruments Advisor, European Investment Bank, Ms Joanne Patrick, Principal JESSICA, AMBER Infrastru…

  6. Voting tool

  7. Case study presentation: Social EFSI and innovative ESF financing instruments

  8. Mr Peter Radford

    Mr Peter Radford, Principal, AMBER Infrastructure Group, United Kingdom

  9. Case study presentation: Financial instruments for SMEs (La Réunion/EquiFund)

  10. Event overview

  11. fi-compass logo

  12. Event material

  13. Event material

  14. FI Campus riddles

  15. Event participants selecting fi-compass publications

  16. Event participant selecting fi-compass publications

  17. Event participants

  18. Event participants

  19. Networking

  20. Networking

  21. Survey on Financial Instruments by sector